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Apache Webserver becoming unresponsive

After running perfectly for nearly a year a Apache Webserver became instable. Every few hours the server wasn’t responding anymore. The MaxClients were maxed out, machine performance was normal, but no response on http. As nothing had changed (and after some pondering on software issues), I investigated the apache connections in detail. lsof -i :80 […]

Registrar(Partner) bei der werden

Nachdem ich ja beruflich mit einigen Registries zu tun habe – ich arbeite primär für die – kenne ich einige Zulassungsprozesse für ccTLD Registries. Der bei weitem “lustigste” Prozess ist der der, der Schweizer Registry. Dort sind nicht nur finanzielle und organisatorische Hürden zu nehmen (und auch die sind nicht zu knapp) sondern […]

Die Relevanz der Inflationsrate

Zend, Oracle, perl, php epp client on github (written in php)

I decided that from now on the source code for the  epp client for domain registries (templates specifically for the austrian top level domain .at) will reside on github The giturl you’ll find the code at is remarks/comments/suggestion are very welcome

The Zend Guestbook demo with Oracle 11g

The Zend Guestbook demo implemented with Zend 1.95, Oracle 11g and the xampp package download the complete example here First things first. Don’t, *again* don’t, use Zend 1.9 which seems to have some bugs, use at least 1.91. What I’ve done I changed as few things as possible to get the guestbook quickstart demo running […] epp client 0.26 – feature complete

new Version of the epp client to be found here hopefully I did not forget any features/request types. The most interessting new feature is the web client, which is in my oppion easy to use and really usefull for small scale registrars so the new feature for this release are web client all request […] epp client 0.10

newest version of the php client for epp registry system php-epp-client for more information please go to  the php-epp-client main page new feature(s); a command line client shell> php client.php epp-config.xml domain-info domain : trid : 123 <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”no” ?><epp xmlns=”urn:i e” xsi:schemaLocation=”urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:epp-1.0 epp-1.0.xsd”> <response> <result code=”1000″> <msg>Command completed successfully</msg> </result><msgQ […]

finger – php Ajax Framework

If you are trying to find a usefull domainname for yourself on some Registrars webpage you always (mostly) have to go through the same type, submit, wait, check result, start again routine. This is so 90s! So I thought of doing it with a little php and Ajax using the finger tool (or something similar) […] epp client

newest version of the php client for epp registry system php-epp-client for more information please go to  the php-epp-client main page epp client in php

Ich bin sicher kein Experte für php, aber ich habe einmal auf die Schnelle einen clienten für das epp System gestrickt. Der Client ist eher eine “Machbarkeitsstudie” die ohne externe php module (und “ohne” xml) auskommt, daß heißt einfach entpacken, client.php editieren und loslegen. Sinnvollerweise sollten die Daten natürlich aus einer Datenbank oder etwas […]