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finger – php Ajax Framework

If you are trying to find a usefull domainname for yourself on some Registrars webpage you always (mostly) have to go through the same type, submit, wait, check result, start again routine.

This is so 90s!

So I thought of doing it with a little php and Ajax using the finger tool (or something similar) provided by most registries. Taking this opportunity I also tried it in three different ways to check which Ajax Framework to use.

See how it works

The oldfashioned way – by hand

See the code here, a little clumsy

The Sajax Framework

See the code here, the Framework is quite new, and honestly I didn’t get the code to work on this server, it worked nicely with a XAMPP installation on windows, but neither on OpenSuse 10 nor on AIX 5.3. The callbacks are also an nuisance i.e. that you have to code them yourself.

The xajax Framework

See the code here. This is the shortest and most elegant code by far. Coming from the examples it took me about three minutes to adapt the example. For me the clear winner of this short comparison

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