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Oracle und SQL


The Zend Guestbook demo with Oracle 11g

The Zend Guestbook demo implemented with Zend 1.95, Oracle 11g and the xampp package

download the complete example here

First things first. Don’t, *again* don’t, use Zend 1.9 which seems to have some bugs, use at least 1.91.
What I’ve done I changed as few things as possible to get the guestbook quickstart demo running on Oracle.
Only some minor yak shaving had to take place:

  • You cannot easily user the Zend .ini style configuration¬† because you need some Db_Zend constansts, so you either have to use XML style config or hardcode the constants (and the credentials) directly in the Bootstrap.php file (the easy route which I have taken)
  • In Oracle its not possible to name a column “COMMENT” so I have chosen “COMMENTS” instead which is equally bad but at least working
  • Use at least Zend 1.91, have I already mentioned that?
  • I haven’t came around to get “Zend_Db::CASE_FOLDING => Zend_Db::CASE_UPPER” working quickly, so all the column names used have to be upper case as they are stored in the Oracle data dictonary views


  • Be careful, if you break something it’s your fault not mine
  • Everything is you need is in the zip file which should be unpacked in a directory accessable by your webserver, in the many cases (also with the XAMPP and LAMPP packages) this folder is named “htdocs”

Database (Oracle) Side

  • if you have user create privileges (usually SYSTEM or SYS user), you may execute the questbook.sql script found in the INSTALL folder
  • if you don’t have user create privileges, but a database user (the name doesn’t matter) login as the user and start with line 6 (the create sequence command) of the guestbook.sql file

PHP Side

  • in application/Bootstrap.php change the dbname, username and password to your settings

You are ready

  • navigate your web browser to http://<yourhostname>/quickstart/public/guestbook and everything should work out fine

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