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    AMFA Southwest Tentative Agreement: What You Need to Know

    The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) and Southwest Airlines have reached a tentative agreement after six years of negotiations. This agreement will affect more than 2,400 mechanics and related employees working for Southwest Airlines.

    Here are the key points of the deal:

    1. Pay increase: Southwest Airlines will provide a 20% pay increase over the life of the contract, which will be effective until August 16, 2024.

    2. Job security: The agreement includes a provision that will establish a joint committee to address contracting out of work. The committee`s purpose is to create a process to ensure that work is not outsourced without proper justification. This will help prevent job loss and keep mechanics employed by Southwest Airlines.

    3. Health insurance: The tentative agreement includes an increase in the employer`s contribution to health insurance premiums, which will provide better coverage for employees and their families.

    4. Retirement benefits: The agreement includes enhanced retirement benefits for employees. This will help ensure that they have a secure financial future after retirement.

    The AMFA Southwest Tentative Agreement has been hailed as a major victory for the union and its members. The agreement addresses the key issues that have been at the center of the negotiations for six years.

    The agreement also bodes well for the airline industry as a whole. By providing better working conditions and job security, Southwest Airlines can attract more skilled workers to the industry. This will help ensure that flights remain safe and reliable, and that passengers can continue to put their trust in the airline.

    However, the agreement still needs to be ratified by the members of AMFA before it becomes official. This process could take several weeks or even months, depending on how long it takes to count all the votes.

    In conclusion, the AMFA Southwest Tentative Agreement is a positive development for both the union and Southwest Airlines. It provides better wages, benefits, and job security for mechanics and related employees, while also ensuring that Southwest Airlines can continue to provide safe and reliable flights for its passengers.