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Generating Heatmap/Density Overlays for Google Maps

Quite often one wants to visualize how your customers/incidents/whatever are distributed geographically.


I’ve created a quick hack which does most of the stuff for you. The only obstacle you have to overcame is to encode all your data into long/lat format – Google Geocoder might be of some help. The coordinates have to be stored in database which allows for querying which points are within a defined long/lat box. I would recommand postgres/postgis for this task.

A real life example for Geo::Heatmap – Google Heatmaps is here

The most recent code may online casinos be found at github

Or preferably via cpan, so just have to do

cpanm Geo::Heatmap

The code still has a lot of rough corners, but if there is enough demand I’ll keep on working on it. And as everybody who sees it has some idea what he/she would like to have visualized with it, I am quite optimistic that this is going to happen. So don’t hesitate to tell me about your suggestions/bugs/fixes/etc. (admin at

Have fun, but do not forget:


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